Second Opinion on Investing

We ask only one thing of clients like you who are trying to figure out if they have the right investment strategy – Let us give you a no cost analysis on your investment portfolio. As “second opinion.” Hopefully we will conclude that your current investments will give you enough money to retire. However, if by chance you are not on the right path to fully fund your retirement, then we can look at better income planning.

This is what you will need to bring on your first consultation to give us what we need to develop that second opinion:

  • Most Recent Tax Returns
  • IRA Statements/Roth IRA Statements
  • 401(K) Statements
  • Mutual Fund Statements
  • Stock Brokerage Statements
  • Online Investment Statements
  • Budget
  • Mortgage Balance
  • Credit Card Statements
  • School Loan Statements
  • Car Loan Statements
  • Living Expenses
  • Life Insurance Policy Statements
  • Annuity Statements
  • Other Insurance Policy Statements

To schedule your no-cost portfolio analysis please email or call 716-649-3083.

Please feel free to print this checklist out to prepare for an in-depth first consultation!