About Us

We are a full-service financial services firm committed to helping clients pursue their financial goals. We offer a wide range of financial products and services to individuals and business owners. We believe you will be better able to identify your goals and make sound decisions towards reaching those goals with the right information.

At Davis Financial we consider ourselves “research junkies.” We look at investment opportunities with a 360 degree holistic approach that identifies the many nuances that can add to your retirement goals.

As an independent financial planning firm, we work in a conflict-free environment and are able to offer our clients a wide range of unbiased financial advice. Davis Financial has no affiliation with any particular product or investment company, and no production requirements or quotas to meet. We look at the criteria that will benefit you, our client, the most. When designing your portfolio, we are free to consider all of the thousands of investment alternatives available today. When building your portfolio, we can weigh the merits of one investment against another, recommending investments only because they will contribute to the success of your investment strategy.

When assessing your portfolio’s performance, we can use objective criteria to gauge the performance of each investment. We help you track the progress of your portfolio toward the financial goals you’ve set, advise you when it is appropriate to make changes, and recommend when it’s time to stay the course.